FC Repetitive Stop


Having mastered accurate square cutting with the FC Square the next step was to produce a Repetitive rail stop that could cut repetitive square cuts consistently and accurately.

To simply set the stop to your desired length and produce as many consistent accurate pieces as you want – would be a huge time saver.

Fits very easy and quickly to FC Squares from the Mark 3 onwards

The new rail will be ordered with two options one will be Festool/Makita or Mafell/Bosch.


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New repetitive stop is now 980mm long by 40mmx20mm silver rail one peace . With 2 x m5 screws and t/nuts to fix to the rail square. And the new repetitive end stop with the 2x m5 thumb screws and t/nuts . U have ur tape measure to fit when u first fit it to the square pick a point on the square u what to start the rail from every time so you can fit the tape measure in the correct place.

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Mafell & Bosch, Festool & Makita

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